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Inventory financing is a bank line of credit secured by the company’s inventory. This type of financing can help to free up some of the cash a business may have tied up in inventory for more pressing needs. There are numerous scenarios that would make this financing instrument a viable option for businesses.

For instance, if your business has a high inventory turnover rate but is short of the cash needed to replenish your supply, or if your business has a warehouse full of goods ready to ship, but is short of cash to buy supplies for the next production cycle, you might be a candidate for inventory financing.  Additionally, inventory financing can be great for businesses who maintain high levels of inventory which ties up most of their business cash. Traditional banks do not offer this type of financing which makes us uniquely popular among businesses with a demand for this type of funding.

Transaction Size: $500,000 to $10,000,000
Approval Time: Usually about 2 weeks

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